Ski Fridays

Getting outside to play—no matter what the weather brings, all winter long—is a key part of life at The Well School. In addition to skating, sledding, and playing in snow on campus, The Well School ski program brings our 1st through 8th Grade students together for five Fridays in January and February to ski and snowboard at Crotched Mountain Ski Resort. Students have the chance to take lessons and spend time exploring the mountain and honing their new skills. Ski Fridays are also great community-building days; teachers and parents come together to support students as they learn and develop the confidence for tackling new challenges on the slopes.

Lower School students often require one-on-one supervision in the beginning, so chaperoning is a key component to the success of the Ski Fridays program. Being a Ski Friday chaperone is great way to connect with the community and get to know students and other parents in a casual, fun setting.

Lessons and lift passes for students are included in school tuition for 1st through 8th graders, with equipment costs being the responsibility of each family. Discounted rentals are available for students who do not own their own equipment.

Well School students become accomplished and confident skiers or snowboarders (or both!) and enjoy remaining active during snowy New Hampshire winters.