The Community Kitchen

The Well School Community Kitchen is an inviting place where everyone gathers to take a break and share delicious food together. Our menus are inspired by the seasons, locally-grown produce, and taking pride in nourishing our community through healthy food.

Every morning after drop-off, parents are invited to stop by the kitchen for coffee, tea, and amazing baked goods by our talented in-house baker.

Lunch is included for all-day Preschool and Kindergarten children, while students in 1st through 8th Grade have the option to purchase school lunch, or they may bring in their own lunches. Parents are always welcome to join their children for lunch for a small fee. The menu changes every two months, gluten-free and vegetarian options are always available, and suggestions for menu options are welcomed.

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An average day in the kitchen...

An average day in the kitchen...

...and on Halloween!

Typical lunch menu

All lunches include our salad bar which is stocked with a variety of vegetables, fruit, and proteins.

Monday - Wrap day or baked potato bar
Wraps: sliced meats, tofu, or veggies for wraps, plus pasta salads, bean salads, baked fries. Baked potato bar includes veggies, cheese, sour cream and more for toppings.

Tuesday - Burritos, enchiladas, or soft shell tacos
Meat or black bean burritos, fresh made hummus and chips, and salsa and guacamole

Wednesday - Pizza or pasta day
Cheese or pepperoni, specialty pies such as margherita, Hawaiian, veggie, roasted onion, and many more. Homemade macaroni and cheese, pasta and sauce, fresh bread, meatballs.

Thursday - Chicken fingers or burger day
Homemade chicken fingers with sweet & sour, honey mustard sauce, veggie patties, and baked fries. Homemade burgers, veggie burgers, and buns, plus baked fries and side vegetables.

Friday - Brunch for lunch
Pancakes or French toast, frittata, and pizza or other surprises!


lunch prices

Price is based on number of days per week, paid per half of the school year.

To purchase lunch credits please log into to MyWell > Boonli > Extended Day & Lunch Payments

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
5 Days - $420
3 Days - $252
1 Day - $84
Per day - $6

3rd - 8th Grade
5 Days - $500
3 Days - $300
1 Day - $100
Per day - $7.15

Gluten Free Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
5 Days - $440
3 Days - $264
1 Day - $88
Per day - $6.25

Gluten Free 3rd - 8th Grade
5 Days - $520
3 Days - $312
1 Day - $104
Per day - $7.50