Lower School

Kindergarten — 4th Grade


At The Well School, our teachers are talented and energetic educators who foster a love of learning in their students and impart the skills to become lifelong learners. They nurture the whole child, considering academic, social, and emotional growth, meeting each individual where they are.

In the classroom, on the playground, and throughout our various interactions at school, we work on mindfulness, self-motivation, creativity, self-discipline, self-reliance, and responsibility. We give children the tools to play and work together peacefully, solve problems, communicate clearly, and negotiate with each other respectfully.

Our faculty use Responsive Classroom as an element of their teaching practices, forming an interactive community in their classrooms. This happens through morning meetings, establishing class guidelines, and self-expression, among other practices. Teachers also have creativity and flexibility within the academic curriculum, which helps inspire excitement about learning and encourages self-discovery and following one’s curiosity.

Our lower school program also emphasizes…

  • The importance of outdoor time and unstructured play

  • Hands-on exploration

  • Regular physical activity

  • Speaking in front of an audience

  • Protecting and promoting the joy of childhood

  • No screen time

  • A community of families within the classrooms and the Lower School

Lower School students enjoy a wide range of learning experiences that are unique to The Well School: reading buddies with Upper School students; handwork class (knitting, crocheting, felting, weaving); poetry readings, plays, and musical performances; all-school meeting every Friday afternoon; hikes and other field trips; ice skating and alpine skiing; participation in the annual science fair; system of increasing trust and responsibility in the community kitchen and on the playground each year; and more. Our approach is truly well-rounded!