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Upper School Academic Support Teacher

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Read more about The Well School and follow us on LinkedIn.

The Well School is seeking an Academic Support Teacher for 5th through 8th grade students. This individual will work with students both inside and outside of the classroom setting to allow them to achieve academic success and become independent learners. This position is for second semester and would begin January 2, 2019. This is a 20 hour per week position.


  • Certification or Equivalent in Education

Position Description:

The Well School population includes a small number of students in grades 5 through 8 who would benefit from more focused support on their specific academic challenges. The guiding principles for this position are as follows:


Provide specific academic support(s) to students within the structure and pedagogy of the classroom environment.  At times, a small group setting and/or short-term individual session might be needed to teach or reinforce a particular concept.

The role of Academic Support Teacher (AST) is designed to focus on providing specific academic and organizational supports (Executive Functioning) for students with significant learning challenges. There are two general types of academic supports that are relative to the role of the Academic Support Teacher:

  1. Short-term is defined as a support needed to help a child master a skill, generally a support that needs to be in place for no longer than a year.  

  2. Long-term is when a multiyear plan is required to support a child with a specific academic challenge that will need to be tracked through the child’s progression through the school’s program.  

The overall goal in these supports is to allow the student to achieve academic success as he or she becomes an independent learner.

Guidelines and Boundaries of the Position:

Identify the students who would benefit from this program, especially students who require a long-term plan to enable their academic progress. These are best identified as those students who are not meeting established learning goals even with Primary Teacher accommodations in place. For these students, the AST will take the long term view of the child’s development, specifically:

  1. Research and develop strategies to support the child’s learning.

  2. Define success milestones for the child.

  3. Recommend to the primary teacher how the strategies could be implemented in the classroom.

  4. In many cases, the AST will work in a co-teaching position to deliver specific support in the classroom.

Please email cover letter and resume to T.J. Mackey at TJMackey@wellschool.org.