Upper School

Grades 5 - 8


Guided by experienced and dedicated teachers in small classes of up to 15 students, our Upper School students develop confidence and become independent learners who are ready to begin finding their place in the world. Even before they graduate from The Well, our students have not only established a strong academic foundation, but they have also developed skills for being capable leaders, reliable friends, and confident individuals who can interact with people of all ages and take initiative to create their own path.

The Upper School curriculum builds on the four-year pattern of the Lower School curriculum, continuing a language-focused approach and including multi-modal learning strategies such as simulations, projects, and class discussions. The more advanced study is developmentally appropriate and supportive of individual learning styles.

Upper School students participate in Specials classes such as Art, Spanish, Physical Activity (PA), Music, and Theater. Milestones in the Upper School include the 5th Grade Greek Olympics, the medieval banquet, major musical theater productions, camping trips, Head of School fitness testing, annual Science Fair, and Project Weeks at the end of the school year.

Social-emotional learning is also a noteworthy piece of our students’ education. In countless facets of life at school, we work with students on developing communication skills, self-reflection, leadership, responsibility, and grit; utilizing structured problem-solving; addressing struggles and challenges; taking risks and trying new things; and ultimately embracing the whole person.

Accomplishments across disciplines—whether in the arts, athletics, academics, or leadership—are recognized and supported as an important part of early adolescent development. Through participation in intramural and travel sports teams, public speaking, major theater productions, concerts, and other collaborative endeavors, students learn to challenge themselves and be resilient and accountable to classmates, teammates, coaches, and leaders.

Teachers tend to the development of each child’s strengths and through trusting relationships support students with any challenges they may face. Allowing our teachers to blend their own interests into the curriculum enriches the learning process. Ultimately, Well School students begin to focus on passions, address areas of weakness, hone their creativity, develop personal responsibility and self-discipline, and embark on a journey of a lifetime of enjoyment of learning.