Each week, and with variation throughout the school year, our students take part in "specials" classes such as Spanish, art, physical activity (PA), music, and handwork (Lower School only).



Learning Spanish at The Well School is an ongoing process that begins in preschool and gradually builds through 8th Grade. Lessons are designed to be meaningful and fun so the students acquire the language in a more natural way through games, poems, songs, and repetition. Our Spanish teacher works with all grades, which provides a continuity to the lessons and a student-teacher connection that is extremely valuable to the process. 

At the core of the Spanish curriculum is the use of Thematic Units throughout the school, with each grade adding new material to what they previously learned. Some examples of Thematic Units are: the body, the family, colors, food, etc. Preschool students might work on recognizing just a few colors or body parts, Lower School students will recognize many more and be able to put them into context, and Upper School students will be able to add descriptive details.

The goal we strive to attain at the end of 8th Grade is familiarity with nearly 2000 Spanish words and the confidence to use them appropriately both orally and in written form. Students completing The Well School’s Spanish curriculum should be able to start in at least a Level 2 Spanish class in any high school.


physical activity
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Ice skating and hockey
Flag football
Four square
Fitness training